Taking a Time Off Before College

How many recent high school graduates walk out of their senior year with the maturity, real-life experience, and knowledge they need to create a future for themselves right off the bat? Not many. Taking time off in between high school and college can be the best thing a person can do for themselves. Doing so gives you a chance to grow and mature out of reach of mommy and daddy’s hands, gain the experience you need not crash and burn when attempting to find that perfect job right out of college, and gives you the know-how to create a future for yourself.

For the most part, an eighteen-year-old right out of high school can mess up and make mistakes and come crawling back to mom and dad’s waiting arms for help. Taking time off, moving out, and seeing the world for what it relinquishes the hold on that security blanket. Mom and dad will (hopefully) always be there for their children, but they should not be there for every blunder that is made.

Secure to be Mature

Freshman in college is not what one would call mature. But if more of them were just that they would think less on how many chicks they could score with. Or how their hair looks and more time on how maybe the grades they get now could affect them later on. Freshman often walks onto a university thinking about how free they have become and how many parties they can go to. However, a freshman that has already experienced being out on their own for a year or so is already thinking about the future and not about how many wild frat parties there will be.

Being out in the real world without the sanctuary of home can be overwhelming for some, if not downright terrifying. It’s as if the fog clears and one can see distinctly that the outside isn’t as clean, fair, and nice as it once seemed. To get ahead, you need to know people, be clever and charming, and have the practice to illustrate that you can handle situations with a firm hand and a clear head.

Real World Problems

Getting an apartment right out of high school, doing your laundry, making your meals, and paying your own bills may not seem glamorous, but it’s the only way to get experience. When a person has to struggle in the beginning, often the result is twenty times better. Applying this to taking time off from school, when a high school grad out on their struggles, it makes them realize that college is not something to be taken lightly. After all, no one wants to struggle and paw their way out of holes for the rest of their lives.

Importance of Websites for Local Businesses in 2019

Local businesses or any business for that matter can showcase themselves online through free publicity options by search engines like google. A website is a good way of growing the brand. It is easy to create and doesn’t cost much, is free advertising and gives an impression if being open at any time.

Why one may feel that a website is not needed for a local business?

Sometimes it may look like a local business may not need a website because of the following reasons:

·         No-click mobile SERPs:

Making Your Biz Work with Digital MarketingThere has been a growth in zero-click SERPs (Search Engine Result Page), and mobile users see a 20% increase in the search engine results. But they don’t have to go in any more profound than an interface that belongs to Google. Previously one could see links to original business websites, but not now.

·         Lead generation by Google:

The Local Service Ad program by Google has placed itself as a lead generation agency that is a paid agent between consumers and business.

·         Paid ads:

Many competitive and local packs have started featuring ads.

·         Homepage for local business:

Google is now becoming the homepage for local businesses. Through the search engine, a user can get access to the address, contact information, direction, photos, reviews, etc. simply through the Google page without actually going into the website link.

Why a Local Business Needs a Website?

Although some trends may depict that a website may no longer be needed, but there are reasons why a website is essential for a local business. Read on to know why.

Customers Expectation

Many customers like brands to give more information in digital format. More than half of the customers head directly to the website of the brand to seek information on products. Not having a website in this tech-savvy world is a risk as customers will look elsewhere if they can’t find your business online.

Search Results

Customers or potential customers rely on online searches to find local businesses for a product or service they may need. In case you are not present online then the only word of mouth or print advertising will work for you, which can be very limited. But a website will show up in local searches, giving your business more visibility. Customers often search for “near me” places, like malls near me and google tracks the location to give results of nearby businesses.

Digital Marketing Foundation

A website can be the foundation of a firm’s digital marketing strategy. It’s the place where customers find information on your brand products and employees while bloggers and journalists link back to your website. It is a great starting point for marketing. If you are new to all this, you can always take help from professional SEO experts in New York that you can look up with search words like SEO Services New York – NYC SEO Services. The SEO experts work closely with the clients and customize an effective strategy.

Collecting Information on Customers

You can learn more about your customers through your website. Subscription options or surveys to get a better idea on customer’s expectations through your website will lead you to a goldmine of information.

Showcasing your Offering

A website is a perfect means of showcasing your offering – a product or a service to potential buyers. You can control what information flows out and highlight the interesting features to your advantage and make sales.

Business is always Open

A business that is online and has an online presence, technically never shuts down. The people who manage it may be on leave, but the website continues to function. The website is available 24×7, promoting your offerings.


The main reason for marketing and setting up a website is to generate revenue. All the businesses aim to generate more sales by increasing their chances of getting viewed. If it is viewed, more leads are generated, and interested potential customers will come to your website to buy.

Larger Market

Your market can be wider as you are no longer restricted geographically. If you add an e-commerce store to your offering, it will be much easier to sell to customers who are not in your region or your country. Without geographical restraints, your business can see quicker growth.

Connecting with Customers

Connecting with your audienceMany customers feel its easier to do business if there is some support online. Customer care options through websites ensure customers that their queries and problems will be resolved adequately.

Social Proof

A website is a great way to tell potential customers about how your offering is good. It’s a great place to put client testimonials, and you can show happy clients. People do read reviews before buying anything and something like this will up your chances of business.

Legitimacy and Credibility

Through the website, you provide more information to your clients and gain instant credibility. Add to that the reviews and testimonials that make your case stronger. You put yourself out as a trustworthy business and show your clients that you mean business. Before, it was important to have a physical address, but now it is important to have an online presence.

Save Time and Money

Customers may have many queries before they make a purchase. Spending time on phone answering questions takes a lot more time than answering queries through other online methods such as emails or FAQs. For your business, you may have to print a catalog. And printing multiple catalogs on paper to send over to potential clients can be expensive. Instead, a virtual catalog online will be lighter on your pocket but give the same kind of benefits.

Resource Center

A website will also work as a resource center for your staff with instructional texts and self-service videos.


Almost all businesses have a virtual presence, and if you don’t have it, then you are allowing the competition to eat into your revenue.

Websites have great value for any business. You can find potential customers, connect with customers and market yourself easily online. There are professional web designers who can help you with a website, or if you don’t want to spend that much, other options like Wix or Weebly can help you find a footing online.

A website now is almost like a business card that offers the contact address, phone numbers, etc. with additional information like product descriptions, reviews, and instructional videos. Websites have truly become necessary in the field of trade and commerce.

How to Spot a Fake Online Review

We all know that reviews are now an essential parcel of any online marketing strategy. Customers do not just check a company’s website and social media pages; they also monitor TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook reviews to guide them with their decision. That is why, as much as online marketing has gone huge, so has the business of doing online reviews.

Identifying fake reviews online can be trickyBoth startups and conglomerates would want to increase their brand’s integrity online, as determined by a top listed digital agency in NYC. Reviews influence consumers because false advertising is now out of the online marketing game. Potential clients do not go anymore with companies touting they are “the best,” “the only one,” or “the most affordable option” in the market. Consumers are now looking for authenticity online, and so as a company, you must be authentic with your advertising, too.

Since reviews are incredibly influential, some enterprising people have put up businesses dedicated to sending your company fake reviews. The goal is to send you as many positive reviews as possible, so consumers would choose to go with you since you’ve been “tried and tested.”

But lately, search engines have been doing a crackdown on these fake reviews. And it is just fair for everyone who’s doing business online. Why would a customer go with a company that’s willing to go through all the under-the-table game of paying someone to do the review for them? If the company can’t trust itself to encourage people to review its products and services, then why would you want to go with them? If a business allows fake reviews and likes to get into the picture, that means they are not confident enough with what they offer.

As a consumer, how do you spot fake online reviews? There are tell-tale red flags that you must watch out for, and here are some of them:

Like Pinocchio lying to their teeth1. The language used does not sound natural

Many fake reviewers hired online are from developing countries who don’t demand as much pay compared to those in developed countries. Usually, these countries also do not have English as their first language. Therefore, if you are a native English speaker, you can have an inkling of whether the reviewer is a native or non-native speaker. It must cause a bit of alarm, especially if the business being reviewed operates locally.

Also, if the reviews on the company’s page all sound the same, then you must be warned. There is a big possibility that these testimonials are anything but fake. It is rare for two reviews to sound the same, so if it seems like you are reading from one person’s writing, then you can start questioning the review.

2. The reviews sound overacting

There are genuine reviews that praise the company. However, these do not go on long paragraphs and are usually short but sweet. The fakes are easily distinguishable with their long paragraphs, praising the company for so many things. Flowery words are used, and a lot of punctuation is used to emphasize the sentences. In the real world, this sort of review rarely happens.

It is easy to spot fake reviews if you look closely. Imagine yourself giving a review. If the testimonial sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Top Private Charter Planes with Longest Range

With the latest technology and advancements, the world has developed frantically. Remember, those days when men used to cover miles and miles on foot, then came the railways and private jets and charter planes. Now, in the 21st century, the world has evolved so much that we can travel from one country to another in a private jet. With all those cartloads of money in your hand, it is time to spend some of it on the book a private plane and fly with sass.

A lot of companies and aviation consultants are providing the services of hiring a charter plane from one place to another around the globe. You can now make your long travels shorter and fly all alone, high up in the skies, with a beautiful view and a glass of champagne all by yourself. The private charter planes will cover all the destinations that have landings for commercial airliners in the itinerary.

Here, we will acquaint the readers with the top five long-range private jets. Scroll through the article to get well-versed with the exhaustive yet important information. Thus, choosing a private jet for all your travels will become one of the most comforting experience for you, and then you will get a knack of it. It will be tough for you to enjoy the environment of commercial planes and you will only enjoy flying in your private jet.

1. Bombardier Global 8000

The Bombardier Global 8000The Bombardier Global 8000 started its operations in the year 2017, and it is one of the longest private jets. The charter jet will be able to cover 7900 nautical miles at a speed of Mach 0.85, meaning it can run for 14,631 km at a stretch. This signifies that the passengers will be able to travel from Hongkong to Newyork, Sydney to Los Angeles at a stretch of a few hours. The private jet has been built with a 5700 lbs payload capacity and can accommodate around 13 passengers. It has got 2230 lbs of increased thrust when compared with other long private jets.

2. Gulfstream G650ER

Gulfstream G650ER is a newly produced advanced version of the G650 series. When put under the comparison spectrum it can travel up to 7500 nautical miles, that is 500 nautical miles hiked up from the previous version. In addition to this, the fuel capacity of the G650ER version is an additional 4000 pounds, as compared to the previous model. The maximum speed of this jet is 710 mph, and it can carry up to 19 passengers, which is an ideal fit for the people traveling in groups. The ceiling is 51,000 ft high. 4

3.Bombardier Global 7000

This version of the private jet from the series of Bombardier Global charter jets made a special mark in the aviation industry in the year 2018. The Bombardier Global 7000 is now able to cover 7300 nautical miles. For all those people looking for huge cabin space, this one will be a perfect choice. The Bombardier  Global 7000 has got a 20 percent tweak in the cabin size and has got a propeller of next-generation General Electric Passport 20, with a thrust engine of 16,500lbf. This model from their range can operate at the height of 51,000 ft and can travel at a speed of 690 mph. The jet’s nonstop range has been raised to over 8,860 miles.

4. Gulfstream G650

This is one of the most talked about private jets in the industry. Due to its specifications of being the longest jet and the fastest one, this one has gotten a lot of fame in the market. When out under the microscopic light with the Bombardier Global 7000, Gulfstream G650 can accommodate more six passengers. The jet can cover up to 7000 nautical miles because of the fuel capacity being of 6600 gallons. The total payload capacity of the Gulfstream G650 is 6500 lbs.

5. Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream is one of a kind jet in the market. With the major specification covered by the model, this one private jet has won accolades in the industry. When the Gulfstream 550 was launched, it was given an upgrade when compared to the Gulfstream 5th version launched by the company in the year 2003. The best part about this model is that the aerodynamics and the engine are much better as compared to the older versions. To improve the operational capabilities, the Honeywell Advanced Flight Deck Display Suite was injected into the jet.

Gulfstream G550The jet can cover up to 6750 nautical miles due to the Rolls Royce BR710 C4-11 engines fitted in the model. This model can fly off high altitudes airports and do short field in a well-off way and can set up to 19 passengers. As a result, passengers can fly from New York to Los Angeles, then Dubai to India in one go.

In a nutshell, the introduction of charter jets has changed the ways of traveling and has given a lesson of “change is inevitable” to all human beings. There has been a major revolution in the traveling industry because of the introduction of charter jets.

The major reason behind this is that people hardly have time to travel from one place to another because of their hectic schedules. Thus, they tend to hire a private jet or buy it so that they can save some time. The next thought that crosses the mind is that these charter jets actually give the opportunity of traveling in comfort and luxury to all the people. So, now you can call for a glass of champagne and can eat the food that you want, with immense leg space and the boot area in the jet.

Here, we have added in the list of top 5 jets, that you should try and choose the one that fits your needs. For more options, you can always team up with your aviation consultants and can take their opinion on this matter. Once you start traveling by these charter planes, you will notice that you are saving a lot of time and the amount that you are spending is not burning a hole in your pocket. So, go fly high up in the sky with luxurious wings and utmost comfort and reach your favorite destination in style.

Surviving a Rowdy Frat Party

Safety should be your first concern when attending any party at college. While it is never a bad thing to be trusting of other individuals, you must balance that with protection for yourself. Too many stories fill the headlines of nefarious activity by college students perpetrated on one another. Don’t let the victim be you.

Watch Your Cup

If you do choose to drink at a party, keep an eye on where you place your beverage. Date rape violence has increased over the past decade due to the wide availability of tranquilizers and other supplements. Leaving your cup on the corner table and then going to the bathroom is a definite no. The rule you should follow is if your beverage is out of your sight, even for a minute, get a new one. This isn’t just for girls either. Guys have had their drink spiked with supplements as a crude attempt at a prank. The consequences can be deadly, so play it safe.

Easy on the Keg Stands

Binge drinking is simply not worth the risk. The possibility of alcohol poisoning escapes the minds of many college students when they are around their peers. Who can blame them? Everyone likes to have a good time. But the simple fact is you, and only you, know when you have had enough. You have to go to the party with the intent to say no to excess alcohol consumption.

It’s Not Your House

Some students get the feeling that just because they are invited to a party means that they can make themselves at home, damaging property as they go. Be respectful. People live in the house and will have to clean up after your mess.

Keep Your Actions in Check

Alcohol mixed with type A personalities can result in tempers escalating quickly. The key is to make sure you are not the one involved. The last thing you want is to go into your first interview having to explain the drunk and disorderly conduct charge you have on your record; all started because someone bumped into you and didn’t apologize. Parties are not the time to begin arguments over trivial matters. Let it go. Save your comments for another day.

College should be fun, but consequences of your actions should always be on your mind. If you keep your head on straight, a college will be the best four years of your life. If you don’t, you will assuredly regret it.

The Top 10 Party School Frills of 2010

Colleges know that if they want to attract students these days they need to come up with cooler perks than the next school. So, here we present the top ten student-catching frills at American college campuses for 2010:

 1. Concierge desk, valet parking and a roving ice cream truck with free ice cream – High Point University, North Carolina.

2. Largest Jacuzzi on the West Coast (seats 53) – Washington State University.

3. Water slides, hot tubs and a five-story climbing wall – University of Houston.

4. Room-sized golf simulator with real clubs and balls – Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

5. A 200-gallon tropical ecosystem with newts and salamanders and a separate 550-gallon salt-water aquarium with a live coral reef. – Penn State.

6. The “Taj Mahal” – a $140 million entertainment center with kayaks, batting cages and 50-student climbing wall – The Ohio State University.

7.  A $70 million student center with a pub, theater and artificial pond for ice skating – University of Vermont.

8. A $54 million sports complex with luxury boxes and a skating rink – University of Rhode Island.

9. A $200 million artificial “Main Street” including outdoor cafes – University of Cincinnati .

10. Massages, pedicures and manicures — University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh.

Compiled from the new book The Five-Year Party: How Colleges Have Given Up on Educating Your Child and What You Can Do About It. By Craig Brandon and published by BenBella Books.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Date

If only picking any other date for a wedding would be that easy, couples wouldn’t have to stress out about considering so many options. But when you put into the picture your guests’ schedule, the venue’s availability, and the weather, you are left into thinking what the perfect date is for your most awaited day.

planning the wedding date should be a consensusThere are important pointers to consider, and it’s not as simple as choosing your anniversary as your wedding day. Here are some of the things you have to consider when selecting a wedding date:

1. In what season would you want to get married?

Would you rather have your wedding in summer, spring, autumn, or winter? Would you want it to be sunny or rainy? These are some questions you must ask yourself before deciding on a date. Your event’s theme makes a big difference as well as the reception’s lively atmosphere from Around Town Entertainment in New York City. If you’re planning to have a beach wedding, you should consider doing it in summer or spring, so your guests don’t end up shivering with their beach outfits in autumn and winter.

2. What is your budget range?

Getting married in some months cost more compared to others. For example, June is a popular season to get married, so it gets more expensive compared to doing it in December. And weekend weddings also cost more, compared to doing the celebrations on weekdays. Holidays also cost more. So, make sure you consider your budget range and are flexible enough to move into other months if your budget calls for it.

But do not let your choice of day and month be a hassle for all your guests. And this brings us to the next consideration.

3. Can you accommodate your important guests’ schedules?

Your guests will make time to attend your wedding, and it costs a lot of commitment of energy and resources from them, too. So, before you send out “Save the Date” invites, make sure to ask around the important people in your life if they’re available on your chosen date. If they are unavailable, you can offer alternatives. Some guests may have already made travel abroad plans, so it will be a big blow to their budget if they rebook their trip just to accommodate your request. It is always a give-and-take relationship, and it is not always the guests that have to adjust to the bride and the groom’s demands.

4. Where are you getting married?

destination weddings should consider all factorsIf it’s a destination wedding, you should consider a fair amount of time for you and your guests to prepare for the event. Guests will not make arrangements just for their budget, but also for their work leaves and their children’s study leaves or babysitting arrangements. You must be considerate of everyone coming to the event, and if you’re from New York having a wedding in India, you might want to announce your plans as early as two years before the date.

These are some of the most important considerations you should take note of when choosing your wedding date. Do not get impulsive when choosing the date. Consider these factors, and you will find success in having the best event that you and your guests will enjoy.

6 Tips For Learning To Play A String Instrument

You are never too young or too old to learn to play a string instrument. In fact, these type of instruments can be the simplest to learn. When learning a new instrument, practice makes perfect and experience doesn’t happen overnight. Music To Your Home, a string instrument instructional school in NYC, recommends practicing at least 4 times per week for the most success. Below are six basic tips to make the experience a little easier for you:

violin and other string instruments
1. Harden Those Fingertips

No matter which type of string instrument you choose to play, the tips of your fingers are going to get sore, raw or even blister as they get used to pressing, plucking or strumming. This can lead to an inability to practice or play the instrument.

Soaking your fingers in paraffin or surgical alcohol after each playing or practice session will toughen the sensitive skin on your fingertips. After a few months of playing, a hard callous should form so that you should experience no further pain or discomfort.

2. Stretch Those Fingers

Stretching your fingers (especially on the left hand) will help you reach those tricky chords easier. Spread your fingers wide and then one by one, try to touch your wrist with each finger. This exercise will help loosen rigid muscles, tendons and joints to give you a greater reach.

Tapping your fingers against the palm of your hand or on a surface can help you increase your speed and rhythm. You can perform these simple exercises wherever and whenever you like. It is, however, best to stretch your fingers before you start playing, in the same way, you would stretch your body before exercising.

3. Find Music You Love

Learning a new instrument can sometimes seem a bit mundane and boring. To keep the process interesting, find music to your favorite songs or scores and play these in your practice sessions. You should be able to find the scores online or purchase a book that contains the music for all time favorites.

Keep challenging yourself as you progress by trying more difficult and complicated scores. If you find a specific piece too challenging, don’t simply give up. Rather take a few minutes every day to practice a chord or note that you are struggling with to minimize the frustration.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

It should go without saying that practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the better you will become. Dedicate at least an hour a day to practicing the music that you love and to playing the pieces that form part of your learning program. Record your practice session so that you can listen to how the music sounds. This will help you identify what you are doing right and where there is room for improvement.

Remember that the most accomplished musicians spend hours a day practicing their art and learning new scores and musical pieces. Learning to play a string instrument is an ongoing process.

5. Start Simple

Don’t go all in for playing the most difficult musical scores at the outset. Start with simpler pieces and work your way up. If you attempt to play more complicated musical scores early on while you are learning and are unable to get it right, it could discourage you from continuing. Get the basics down, and the rest should flow from there.

6. Share

Once you feel that you have mastered a specific piece of music, don’t be afraid to share. Play for others or record a session that you can share on your social media pages. Be prepared for some criticism, however. Not everybody will appreciate your music the same way you do. However, take any negative comments as constructive and identify whether there is any truth in what is being said. Every musician can only benefit from constructive criticism.

Tips for Applying for a Scholarship

One of the best ways to supplement your financial aid package in college is to apply for a scholarship. College scholarships help to not only reduce financial burdens for students, but also help minimize student loan debt. Most of these scholarships are mainly based on financial need, community service as well as the intended field of study.

Apply for Scholarship

Applying for a scholarship is no way similar to applying for college- the procedures involved are totally different. In order to win a scholarship, there are various strategies you must use. Below are some useful tips for applying for a scholarship.

1. Start Your Search Early

The last minute applications never work; chances are that you will either submit poorly written applications or miss the deadlines. Also, some scholarships take longer to process and so it’s crucial that you start sooner rather than later.

2. Cast Your Net Wide

Don’t stop at the second or third scholarship application. Make sure you apply as many as you can. Why is that? You will not be awarded every single scholarship you apply. Search for as many scholarships as you can find and apply to each one of them; chances are that you will possibly win one of them.

3. Apply for Scholarships in Different Categories

Don’t limit yourself to only one type of scholarship. Since there are a number of options to consider, be sure to apply to every single scholarship category you are eligible to. Also, try to pursue less competitive scholarships such as essay contests and small awards as they are not only easier to win, but will also open doors for bigger scholarships.

Ensure that you’ve read and understood the eligibility requirements carefully before applying. If you’ve got any questions, be sure to contact the scholarship sponsors for clearer explanations.

4. Strictly Follow the Instructions

Before you send in the application, make sure that everything has been filled out according to the instructions. For example, stick to the word limit for the essay. Your application can be declined for not following the set instructions.

5. Include a Few Letters of Recommendation

Including letters of recommendation can have a positive impact on your scholarship. Before submitting, check to ensure that all letters are relevant to your application and that they are free of grammatical errors.

6. Personalize Your Essay and Be Passionate About the Subject

The goal here is to impress your sponsors in the best way you can- and you can only do this by composing an interesting essay. Make sure that it has a good flow. Capture the attention of the sponsor by being creative and passionate about the subject.

7. Don’t Miss the Deadlines

Start your search early enough to avoid missing the deadlines. Mark all the due dates on your calendar and figure out how much time you have to complete each application.

8. Keep Copies of Everything

Your applications may get lost in the mail and having extra copies can make it easier to resend them. If you are applying online, be sure to save copies on your computer.

Considering that college scholarship can help ease your financial burden, it’s wise to use the right tactics when applying. Be sure to use the above tips for applying for a scholarship.

Starting Out: A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling

Whether you’re a young kid, a teenager, an adult with a few calories to burn, or a senior who wants to maintain his/her tip-top shape, cycling is undeniably one of the most enjoyable recreational activity you can participate in. Aside from being fun, it also provides many health benefits. Talk about a win-win!

Despite the long list of reasons why we should all try cycling, a lot of people still seem to feel a little intimidated by this activity. Unless you’re an expert and familiar with the different types of tours around New York. Perhaps this stems from not knowing where and how to start cycling. Maybe all the talks about equipment and gears and the many types of bike overwhelm them.

If you are one of those people, don’t worry! Here’s a handy guide that will tell you everything you need to know before you head out to your first cycling trip.

1. Your Bicycle

Choose a bike that is comfortable and functionalThe first (and probably most obvious) thing you need to secure is your bicycle. You probably think that you need something fast and fancy (and expensive) to become a full-pledged Central Park cyclist. But the truth is that if you’re just starting out, you don’t. While there are plenty of bikes out in the market that serves different purposes and suits different people, the best way to start cycling is to start simple. Start with what you own, for instance. If you don’t own a bike, go to the nearest bike shop and ask for the simplest, most beginner-friendly bike that they have to offer. You can even go to a rental shop and rent a bike for a few hours first, just to test if cycling is really for you.

2. Cycling Clothes

Here’s the truth laid out plain and straightforward: you can ride a bike without using any form of unique clothing. Are you surprised? But the thing is, you can only do so if you’re into occasional, casual, and leisurely rides. That go for short distances and under the super fine weather. If you’re planning on traveling more often and/or going for long-distance routes, you’ll definitely appreciate the comfort that specialized cycling clothes have to offer. Then again, you don’t need to have the most advanced collection of cycling clothes – start simple and build up from that.

3. Your Helmet

There really is no going about it: if you’re planning to be a cyclist, you got to have a heAlways wear a helmet when bikinglmet. Aside from the fact that most states have laws that require you to wear one, it is always a good idea to come in prepared for any accidents that may happen along the way. Remember the old adage “Safety First”? Well, as in many things in life, that applies in cycling too!

4. Road Cycling Skills

Before you go out on the open road, familiarize yourself with the necessary skills you need in road cycling. This includes (but is definitely not limited to): proper signaling, riding out in traffic, overtaking pedestrians and fellow cyclists, and a good understanding of your local cycling laws. This way, you are neither prone to danger or endangering others!

5. Basic Gear Knowledge

You may think that all you need to know to get started in cycling is how to ride a bike. And how to follow road signals – wrong. For a safe and hassle-free experience, we recommend that you also familiarize yourself with your bike’s gears. Also, how they work, and how to fix them should they suddenly malfunction. While you don’t have to be an expert, a basic knowledge would at the very least gear you up. Against flat tires, loose spokes, or detached chains. Because let’s face it, you never really know what’s going to happen on that long road ahead. But nothing beats being prepared to face it.

Much like other forms of exercise and physical activity, cycling can be both overwhelming and intimidating from the outside looking in. Then again, why should you let a little bit of challenge stop you from having fun and achieving your goals? You might want to take this cycling quiz. See if this guide is helpful and get a little bit of courage. You are now one step closer to being a full-pledged cyclist.