The Top 10 Party School Frills of 2010

Colleges know that if they want to attract students these days they need to come up with cooler perks than the next school. So, here we present the top ten student-catching frills at American college campuses for 2010:

 1. Concierge desk, valet parking and a roving ice cream truck with free ice cream – High Point University, North Carolina.

2. Largest Jacuzzi on the West Coast (seats 53) – Washington State University.

3. Water slides, hot tubs and a five-story climbing wall – University of Houston.

4. Room-sized golf simulator with real clubs and balls – Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

5. A 200-gallon tropical ecosystem with newts and salamanders and a separate 550-gallon salt-water aquarium with a live coral reef. – Penn State.

6. The “Taj Mahal” – a $140 million entertainment center with kayaks, batting cages and 50-student climbing wall – The Ohio State University.

7.  A $70 million student center with a pub, theater and artificial pond for ice skating – University of Vermont.

8. A $54 million sports complex with luxury boxes and a skating rink – University of Rhode Island.

9. A $200 million artificial “Main Street” including outdoor cafes – University of Cincinnati .

10. Massages, pedicures and manicures — University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh.

Compiled from the new book The Five-Year Party: How Colleges Have Given Up on Educating Your Child and What You Can Do About It. By Craig Brandon and published by BenBella Books.

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