Taking a Time Off Before College

How many recent high school graduates walk out of their senior year with the maturity, real-life experience, and knowledge they need to create a future for themselves right off the bat? Not many. Taking time off in between high school and college can be the best thing a person can do for themselves. Doing so gives you a chance to grow and mature out of reach of mommy and daddy’s hands, gain the experience you need not crash and burn when attempting to find that perfect job right out of college, and gives you the know-how to create a future for yourself.

For the most part, an eighteen-year-old right out of high school can mess up and make mistakes and come crawling back to mom and dad’s waiting arms for help. Taking time off, moving out, and seeing the world for what it relinquishes the hold on that security blanket. Mom and dad will (hopefully) always be there for their children, but they should not be there for every blunder that is made.

Secure to be Mature

Freshman in college is not what one would call mature. But if more of them were just that they would think less on how many chicks they could score with. Or how their hair looks and more time on how maybe the grades they get now could affect them later on. Freshman often walks onto a university thinking about how free they have become and how many parties they can go to. However, a freshman that has already experienced being out on their own for a year or so is already thinking about the future and not about how many wild frat parties there will be.

Being out in the real world without the sanctuary of home can be overwhelming for some, if not downright terrifying. It’s as if the fog clears and one can see distinctly that the outside isn’t as clean, fair, and nice as it once seemed. To get ahead, you need to know people, be clever and charming, and have the practice to illustrate that you can handle situations with a firm hand and a clear head.

Real World Problems

Getting an apartment right out of high school, doing your laundry, making your meals, and paying your own bills may not seem glamorous, but it’s the only way to get experience. When a person has to struggle in the beginning, often the result is twenty times better. Applying this to taking time off from school, when a high school grad out on their struggles, it makes them realize that college is not something to be taken lightly. After all, no one wants to struggle and paw their way out of holes for the rest of their lives.

Eating Your Way Towards Healthy Skin

Eating seasonal foods is a choice superior to leaning towards shakes and supplements that promise beauty and weight improvements.

But why should you choose to eat seasonal foods for your skin’s sake? Is there any connection between nutrition and beauty?

For one, seasonal and natural food are taken raw, free of flavorings, additives, and colorings. Due to its natural state, the body can digest these foods properly. The digestion process is not confused as to welcoming foreign elements. When you take in foods with preservatives, your body can’t digest them properly and so; you are left with undigested material that can clog your skin, digestive and circulatory systems.

Be that as it may, when you take in fake food, your body would need to first wipe out the manufactured fixings before digging into digesting proper food. The issue is, your body winds up without vitality when the absorption procedure needs to happen.

Also, natural foods are soluble and alkaline in nature, and so, healthy bacteria are made to flourish in your body. Your body doesn’t have to deal with too much unnatural fat, sugar, and dairy. When these artificial foods pile up, do not be surprised if you end up fat and down with ailments as you grow old. For you to get your best skin and weight ever, you should consider supporting yourself well with quality food.

While there are so many foods that can help you improve your skin, here are some of the best ones we recommend that you should be getting now for summer:

1. Spinach

spinach is rich in calciumSpinach is a green, leafy vegetable popular during summer. It is full of fiber and antioxidants, making it easier for your body to get rid of impurities. It also helps you feel full for longer. Since spinach is low in calories, it can be added to your every meal. It is also full of calcium, with content that is as much as a glass of milk. What’s great with spinach is it can detoxify your body naturally so that you can have a good circulation due to its alkalinity.

It is best not to overcook these vegetables since that way they can hold on to their nutrition. If you can, you can also add them to salads.

2. Eggs

eggs are rich sources of collagenEggs are good sources of protein that are low in calories. It is easy for the body to digest eggs, making it a great tool for your weight loss efforts. And the reason why eggs are good for your skin is that it is rich in collagen, a protein-binding agent that can help your skin stay supple, youthful, and full of glow. Aside from getting help from Peach & Lily cosmetics, getting your dose of collagen from food sources will make you look more radiant.

Many models attest to eating eggs for breakfast, and there is a good reason why. Eggs are full of good cholesterol that can help you function well, and make your overall circulation efficient and long withstanding. You also feel full for longer, helping you make better decisions when it comes to your food choices.

It is best, though, to source organic eggs because to get inorganic ones full of antibiotics will not give you the desired effect. If anything, inorganic eggs can also worsen your condition and can give you imbalances with your estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone levels.

Spinach and eggs are two foods that can help you improve your skin. Try having them at least once a day and you will see the results. But make sure you source out these foods from organic, safe, and reliable producers. Otherwise, you will bring your hormones on a roller coaster ride.