Surviving a Rowdy Frat Party

Safety should be your first concern when attending any party at college. While it is never a bad thing to be trusting of other individuals, you must balance that with protection for yourself. Too many stories fill the headlines of nefarious activity by college students perpetrated on one another. Don’t let the victim be you.

Watch Your Cup

If you do choose to drink at a party, keep an eye on where you place your beverage. Date rape violence has increased over the past decade due to the wide availability of tranquilizers and other supplements. Leaving your cup on the corner table and then going to the bathroom is a definite no. The rule you should follow is if your beverage is out of your sight, even for a minute, get a new one. This isn’t just for girls either. Guys have had their drink spiked with supplements as a crude attempt at a prank. The consequences can be deadly, so play it safe.

Easy on the Keg Stands

Binge drinking is simply not worth the risk. The possibility of alcohol poisoning escapes the minds of many college students when they are around their peers. Who can blame them? Everyone likes to have a good time. But the simple fact is you, and only you, know when you have had enough. You have to go to the party with the intent to say no to excess alcohol consumption.

It’s Not Your House

Some students get the feeling that just because they are invited to a party means that they can make themselves at home, damaging property as they go. Be respectful. People live in the house and will have to clean up after your mess.

Keep Your Actions in Check

Alcohol mixed with type A personalities can result in tempers escalating quickly. The key is to make sure you are not the one involved. The last thing you want is to go into your first interview having to explain the drunk and disorderly conduct charge you have on your record; all started because someone bumped into you and didn’t apologize. Parties are not the time to begin arguments over trivial matters. Let it go. Save your comments for another day.

College should be fun, but consequences of your actions should always be on your mind. If you keep your head on straight, a college will be the best four years of your life. If you don’t, you will assuredly regret it.

Tips for Applying for a Scholarship

One of the best ways to supplement your financial aid package in college is to apply for a scholarship. College scholarships help to not only reduce financial burdens for students, but also help minimize student loan debt. Most of these scholarships are mainly based on financial need, community service as well as the intended field of study.

Apply for Scholarship

Applying for a scholarship is no way similar to applying for college- the procedures involved are totally different. In order to win a scholarship, there are various strategies you must use. Below are some useful tips for applying for a scholarship.

1. Start Your Search Early

The last minute applications never work; chances are that you will either submit poorly written applications or miss the deadlines. Also, some scholarships take longer to process and so it’s crucial that you start sooner rather than later.

2. Cast Your Net Wide

Don’t stop at the second or third scholarship application. Make sure you apply as many as you can. Why is that? You will not be awarded every single scholarship you apply. Search for as many scholarships as you can find and apply to each one of them; chances are that you will possibly win one of them.

3. Apply for Scholarships in Different Categories

Don’t limit yourself to only one type of scholarship. Since there are a number of options to consider, be sure to apply to every single scholarship category you are eligible to. Also, try to pursue less competitive scholarships such as essay contests and small awards as they are not only easier to win, but will also open doors for bigger scholarships.

Ensure that you’ve read and understood the eligibility requirements carefully before applying. If you’ve got any questions, be sure to contact the scholarship sponsors for clearer explanations.

4. Strictly Follow the Instructions

Before you send in the application, make sure that everything has been filled out according to the instructions. For example, stick to the word limit for the essay. Your application can be declined for not following the set instructions.

5. Include a Few Letters of Recommendation

Including letters of recommendation can have a positive impact on your scholarship. Before submitting, check to ensure that all letters are relevant to your application and that they are free of grammatical errors.

6. Personalize Your Essay and Be Passionate About the Subject

The goal here is to impress your sponsors in the best way you can- and you can only do this by composing an interesting essay. Make sure that it has a good flow. Capture the attention of the sponsor by being creative and passionate about the subject.

7. Don’t Miss the Deadlines

Start your search early enough to avoid missing the deadlines. Mark all the due dates on your calendar and figure out how much time you have to complete each application.

8. Keep Copies of Everything

Your applications may get lost in the mail and having extra copies can make it easier to resend them. If you are applying online, be sure to save copies on your computer.

Considering that college scholarship can help ease your financial burden, it’s wise to use the right tactics when applying. Be sure to use the above tips for applying for a scholarship.