How Essential Durable Medical Equipment Is To Private Home Health Care

DMEFor individuals who are living with an injury or chronic illness, how they keep themselves safe and independent while in the comfort of their home depends on getting the help they require. They need many forms of help. They need caregiving from their family members and loved ones, basic services like food deliveries or yard work, as well as expert medical assistance from professional home health clinicians.

Another one which can be considered as an essential item for those people aging in place is the device designed for promoting disease management and safety at home. These are materials that are called Durable Medical Equipment (DME). These devices have a wide range: from walking aids to medication monitoring equipment. Knowing more about the DME can ensure that aging patients can receive the right care from a home care agency.

All DMEs must be highly durable and not disposable. That means that they should be long-lasting and can withstand repeated use. They should also be capable of serving a medical function. Technically, a durable medical equipment is not normally used by people who are not sick or injured. Despite having a medical function, the said equipment should be appropriately designed for use in the home setting.

There are many examples of DMEs. One of them is the adjustable hospital bed that aging parents have at home so that they can reduce the risk of falling or to ensure better circulation of the blood. Another example of a DME is the wheelchair. Depending on the aging parent’s need, it may be a manual wheelchair or a motorized one. Some examples would include commode chairs, drug infusion apparatus, oxygen and breathing equipment, and those devices used to help with transferring or lifting a person with diminished strength or function.

Is the Purchase of DMEs Covered by Insurance

For the equipment to be considered under your insurance coverage, it is a must for the physician to prescribe or order it. The coverage you receive for that will vary depending on who your insurance provider is. There are cases when the hospital or the physician works together with the insurance provider in advance to find a solution for aging parents that which can be covered by the insurance.

Renting DMEs

Most of the durable medical equipment available nowadays are very expensive. For example, specialized beds and other complex equipment that aging parents will need often cost thousands of dollars. So instead of buying them, it might be better to look for other ways to obtain the DMEs. It is a good thing that most of the equipment aging parents use can be rented. Renting the complex equipment that costs thousands of dollars to buy will certainly give you great savings so it should be considered.

How to Choose a DME

Almost all of the DMEs come with options. One DME always has numerous suppliers, bundled with many features, or are in different models. You can choose from a wide variety of options when you are choosing a DME for private home health care.

Since there are many types of DME that you can choose from for your private home health care needs, it is imperative that you make the right choice. It shouldn’t be ill-fitting to the aging parent who is going to use the item. It shouldn’t be difficult to operate. It shouldn’t pose any hazard. It should be strong enough. There are still many other things to consider when choosing a DME.

Getting the perfect fit and function for the aging parent is essential for maximum safety and proper use. You can ask for professional assistance to be able to get the right DME. There are clinicians, nurse liaisons, and even doctors who can give you advice on what an aging parent needs. Through their help, you can buy a DME so that your aging parent can enjoy the ease of function, better disease management, and greater mobility.

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