Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is a popular cosmetic procedure to preserve youth. It was invented first in China to preserve the beauty of the royal and court women. An alternative way to surgery of reducing the wrinkles and fine lines that appears with age. The technique enhances the blood circulation and puts to action the body’s inherent anti-aging powers. This method has been proven to minimize wrinkles from the first session. After the treatment, the face feels firm and the reduction of wrinkles is visible.

The process is pretty simple. Needles which are hair thin are carefully injected at particular points in the face. These insertions facilitate the blood circulation and enhance the generation of collagen. Collagen is that substance that keeps wrinkles. This rehydrates, nourishes and reduces the visible facial wrinkles. The method also delays any chances of future wrinkles. The needles increase the elasticity of the skin and have toning properties. The result is youthful and wrinkles free skin.

This treatment is not restricted to the face. It can also be used on the other body parts to enhance the body from inside. “The body becomes more resistant to the daily wear. The skin doesn’t sag easily. The treatment is used for toning muscles. Apart from reducing wrinkles, it shrinks pores, increases blood circulation in the face and dermal contraction”, says Jill Blakeway. The treatment is also capable of reducing double chins, inflammations on the face, reduce the puffy bags under eyes and tighten any droopy skin on the face.

Results are visible from the first session. However, a package consists of a course of twelve sessions consisting of one to three weekly sessions. The results, however, vary from person to person. It is heavily dependent on the natural capabilities of the body. A person’s lifestyle, food habits, exercise routine also lend to how effective the treatment will be. Complete results are attained only after six to eight sessions. Sessions are usually of an hour. Some clinics recommend certain diet and exercise routines that are to be followed along with the treatment. Sessions include the basic process of acupuncture or needle insertion. This is followed by a soothing facial of herbs. The facial mask prevents inflammation and other allergic reaction of the skin. The herbal facial is hundred percent natural.

Does it Work?
This treatment dates back to 5000 years. It has been proven to benefit billions of people. The use of acupuncture is extremely popular in almost all countries. Because the process is natural, there are almost zero risks involved. Over the course of the treatment, the individual will see and feel the changes happening to their faces. The success cases are hundred percent. Whoever has gone for facial acupuncture has derived the benefits. Ten to fifteen years are easily lifted from the face. Along with the reduction of wrinkles, there is a visible improvement in the face. It becomes lighter, cleaner and more toned.

Some Necessary Information
Facial acupuncture shouldn’t be done by someone who is pregnant. If anyone is having a common cold or cases of the flu, they should wait till it’s healed. Even during allergy attack or if anyone is suffering from herpes, facial acupuncture should be avoided then. People who suffer from bleeding problems should avoid this treatment. Individuals suffering from a migraine or who have a pacemaker fitted should also avoid the procedure. It is not a safe option for anyone suffering from heart disorders, diabetes mellitus, pituitary disorders or those who bruise easily.

Though, facial acupuncture is chosen over surgical face lifts. It is cost effective, safe and painless. There is no swelling or risks involved here as compared to surgery.

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