Never Hire These Types of Nurses

Nurses offer tremendous support to doctors, patients, and other medical practitioners. Without them, hospitals cannot run smoothly.

nurses should have a sense of urgencyThere is always a continuing shortage of nurses all around the world. The reason is often attributed to the fact that nursing is a physically, emotionally and mentally demanding job, where nurses are exposed to various hazards every day while at work. And they are often expected to put in crazy overtimes, leaving almost no time for themselves and their families.

But even with this shortage, quality should always be your number one priority. A high need does not mean you have to hire as many nurses as you can. Truth to be told, health care is an entirely different industry. Lives are at risk. You are putting so many people’s lives on the line if you hire just for the sake of filling in the numbers.

What are the telltale signs of potential nurse hires that you may want to avoid? These qualities can be grouped into different types, and here they are. Remember, never employ these kinds of nurses!

1. The “I can do everything” nurse

Sure, nurses who can do everything is great; but, that skill is only good just on paper. Nurses who acknowledge that they can do everything run the risk of getting dumped with so much work. Without properly delegating these tasks, they are most likely to commit mistakes. And these errors are very costly because on the disadvantaged receiving end are patients who require consistent, attentive, and accurate care. “I can do everything” nurses are not team players. If these types of nurses insist on doing things their way because they know they are the best at what they do, then you can step aside and reconsider if you want to hire rather self-absorbed nurses. If you are a nurse, working in teams is crucial in a healthcare setting.

2. The “I will do it later” nurse

nursing is a demanding jobNurses who procrastinate here and there and make it a habit should never be hired. The reason is that doing things “now” and “later” can spell the difference between life and death. Nurses who put off work and choose to gossip with friends instead of updating their records can result in life-threatening consequences to patients. A missed medication, the wrong diet, or failing to take down doctors’ recommendations can all contribute to the detriment of any patient’s health. It is crucial for nurses to be alert, attentive, and engaged at all times. Procrastinators should never have room in the healthcare industry.

3. The “moonlighter” nurse

Some nurses often have to juggle two to three jobs due to many reasons. But if given a chance, you should steer away from nurses who have other healthcare-related jobs. The reason being there is a big chance that moonlighting nurses will get burnt out and they will perform poorly on either job or both jobs. For outstanding nurses, you can offer better pay, so they do not have to look for a second job. Otherwise, do not take the risk of hiring moonlighting nurses.

You should always put quality over quantity when hiring nurses, and it’s important for you to avoid these types of potential nurse hires. Do your due diligence though, and do not let outstanding nurses pass you by. Have an intense hiring process in place. Do not let the good ones slip, and do not let the bad ones get into you, too.

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