Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Date

If only picking any other date for a wedding would be that easy, couples wouldn’t have to stress out about considering so many options. But when you put into the picture your guests’ schedule, the venue’s availability, and the weather, you are left into thinking what the perfect date is for your most awaited day.

planning the wedding date should be a consensusThere are important pointers to consider, and it’s not as simple as choosing your anniversary as your wedding day. Here are some of the things you have to consider when selecting a wedding date:

1. In what season would you want to get married?

Would you rather have your wedding in summer, spring, autumn, or winter? Would you want it to be sunny or rainy? These are some questions you must ask yourself before deciding on a date. Your event’s theme makes a big difference as well as the reception’s lively atmosphere from Around Town Entertainment in New York City. If you’re planning to have a beach wedding, you should consider doing it in summer or spring, so your guests don’t end up shivering with their beach outfits in autumn and winter.

2. What is your budget range?

Getting married in some months cost more compared to others. For example, June is a popular season to get married, so it gets more expensive compared to doing it in December. And weekend weddings also cost more, compared to doing the celebrations on weekdays. Holidays also cost more. So, make sure you consider your budget range and are flexible enough to move into other months if your budget calls for it.

But do not let your choice of day and month be a hassle for all your guests. And this brings us to the next consideration.

3. Can you accommodate your important guests’ schedules?

Your guests will make time to attend your wedding, and it costs a lot of commitment of energy and resources from them, too. So, before you send out “Save the Date” invites, make sure to ask around the important people in your life if they’re available on your chosen date. If they are unavailable, you can offer alternatives. Some guests may have already made travel abroad plans, so it will be a big blow to their budget if they rebook their trip just to accommodate your request. It is always a give-and-take relationship, and it is not always the guests that have to adjust to the bride and the groom’s demands.

4. Where are you getting married?

destination weddings should consider all factorsIf it’s a destination wedding, you should consider a fair amount of time for you and your guests to prepare for the event. Guests will not make arrangements just for their budget, but also for their work leaves and their children’s study leaves or babysitting arrangements. You must be considerate of everyone coming to the event, and if you’re from New York having a wedding in India, you might want to announce your plans as early as two years before the date.

These are some of the most important considerations you should take note of when choosing your wedding date. Do not get impulsive when choosing the date. Consider these factors, and you will find success in having the best event that you and your guests will enjoy.