Importance of Websites for Local Businesses in 2019

Local businesses or any business for that matter can showcase themselves online through free publicity options by search engines like google. A website is a good way of growing the brand. It is easy to create and doesn’t cost much, is free advertising and gives an impression if being open at any time.

Why one may feel that a website is not needed for a local business?

Sometimes it may look like a local business may not need a website because of the following reasons:

·         No-click mobile SERPs:

Making Your Biz Work with Digital MarketingThere has been a growth in zero-click SERPs (Search Engine Result Page), and mobile users see a 20% increase in the search engine results. But they don’t have to go in any more profound than an interface that belongs to Google. Previously one could see links to original business websites, but not now.

·         Lead generation by Google:

The Local Service Ad program by Google has placed itself as a lead generation agency that is a paid agent between consumers and business.

·         Paid ads:

Many competitive and local packs have started featuring ads.

·         Homepage for local business:

Google is now becoming the homepage for local businesses. Through the search engine, a user can get access to the address, contact information, direction, photos, reviews, etc. simply through the Google page without actually going into the website link.

Why a Local Business Needs a Website?

Although some trends may depict that a website may no longer be needed, but there are reasons why a website is essential for a local business. Read on to know why.

Customers Expectation

Many customers like brands to give more information in digital format. More than half of the customers head directly to the website of the brand to seek information on products. Not having a website in this tech-savvy world is a risk as customers will look elsewhere if they can’t find your business online.

Search Results

Customers or potential customers rely on online searches to find local businesses for a product or service they may need. In case you are not present online then the only word of mouth or print advertising will work for you, which can be very limited. But a website will show up in local searches, giving your business more visibility. Customers often search for “near me” places, like malls near me and google tracks the location to give results of nearby businesses.

Digital Marketing Foundation

A website can be the foundation of a firm’s digital marketing strategy. It’s the place where customers find information on your brand products and employees while bloggers and journalists link back to your website. It is a great starting point for marketing. If you are new to all this, you can always take help from professional SEO experts in New York that you can look up with search words like SEO Services New York – NYC SEO Services. The SEO experts work closely with the clients and customize an effective strategy.

Collecting Information on Customers

You can learn more about your customers through your website. Subscription options or surveys to get a better idea on customer’s expectations through your website will lead you to a goldmine of information.

Showcasing your Offering

A website is a perfect means of showcasing your offering – a product or a service to potential buyers. You can control what information flows out and highlight the interesting features to your advantage and make sales.

Business is always Open

A business that is online and has an online presence, technically never shuts down. The people who manage it may be on leave, but the website continues to function. The website is available 24×7, promoting your offerings.


The main reason for marketing and setting up a website is to generate revenue. All the businesses aim to generate more sales by increasing their chances of getting viewed. If it is viewed, more leads are generated, and interested potential customers will come to your website to buy.

Larger Market

Your market can be wider as you are no longer restricted geographically. If you add an e-commerce store to your offering, it will be much easier to sell to customers who are not in your region or your country. Without geographical restraints, your business can see quicker growth.

Connecting with Customers

Connecting with your audienceMany customers feel its easier to do business if there is some support online. Customer care options through websites ensure customers that their queries and problems will be resolved adequately.

Social Proof

A website is a great way to tell potential customers about how your offering is good. It’s a great place to put client testimonials, and you can show happy clients. People do read reviews before buying anything and something like this will up your chances of business.

Legitimacy and Credibility

Through the website, you provide more information to your clients and gain instant credibility. Add to that the reviews and testimonials that make your case stronger. You put yourself out as a trustworthy business and show your clients that you mean business. Before, it was important to have a physical address, but now it is important to have an online presence.

Save Time and Money

Customers may have many queries before they make a purchase. Spending time on phone answering questions takes a lot more time than answering queries through other online methods such as emails or FAQs. For your business, you may have to print a catalog. And printing multiple catalogs on paper to send over to potential clients can be expensive. Instead, a virtual catalog online will be lighter on your pocket but give the same kind of benefits.

Resource Center

A website will also work as a resource center for your staff with instructional texts and self-service videos.


Almost all businesses have a virtual presence, and if you don’t have it, then you are allowing the competition to eat into your revenue.

Websites have great value for any business. You can find potential customers, connect with customers and market yourself easily online. There are professional web designers who can help you with a website, or if you don’t want to spend that much, other options like Wix or Weebly can help you find a footing online.

A website now is almost like a business card that offers the contact address, phone numbers, etc. with additional information like product descriptions, reviews, and instructional videos. Websites have truly become necessary in the field of trade and commerce.