The Locksmith’s Role In Improving Security

While there is a range of different professional companies out there that provide security services to home and business owners, locksmiths have very broad areas of expertise that cover a lot of different security concerns. The right locksmith can help you address virtually any security issue, and in the few cases where a job is beyond a locksmith’s resources you can usually get a trustworthy recommendation that will point you toward the experts who can solve your problem.

Different Types Of Locksmiths

Locksmiths that offer their services to the public fall into four broad categories based on their specialties. Emergency locksmiths are concerned with responding to lockouts and other security crises. Their personnel and equipment are optimized for fast service and maximizing their availability. Residential locksmiths concentrate on home security while commercial locksmiths work primarily with businesses. Finally, auto locksmiths concentrate on cars and other vehicles. Although they handle auto lockouts, they also perform more intensive vehicle safety procedures like replacing ignitions, changing door locks, and upgrading anti-theft systems.

While there is some overlap between the various kinds of locksmiths — especially at smaller companies and small towns — you’ll get the highest level of service from a locksmith who’s chosen to specialize in the area that concerns you.

Residential Security Basics

A residential locksmith will obviously be an expert at installing, repairing, and changing all kinds of a home door locking mechanisms. Residential locksmiths also know how to secure a home’s other potential access points, including windows, gates, fences, and even skylights. Most residential specialists are also familiar with basic residential alarm systems, and some of them can install and service closed-circuit surveillance cameras as well.

A good residential locksmith should be able to provide you with solutions to specific security problems and also give you general advice on making your home safer if you so desire. This can make this kind of locksmith a powerful ally for homeowners to have. Besides keeping your family safe, residential locksmiths can also add value to your home and make it more attractive to buyers.

Commercial Security

Commercial locksmiths are accustomed to operating at a larger scale than their residential peers. This means not just securing larger buildings but also handling more complex access needs. Where a typical homeowner might want to have their home locks keyed for a handful of people, even a modest business might require solutions that give dozens of employees access without jeopardizing the workplace’s security.

Locksmiths who focus on commercial work are also typically more experienced with surveillance systems and other electronic security measures. Businesses — especially those who serve the public — find surveillance to be a powerful asset. Surveillance cameras don’t just prevent theft; they also lower insurance premiums. Even professional businesses that don’t interact with the public often have advanced electronic security needs because they need to manage and track the comings and goings of dozens — if not hundreds — of employees.

Surveillance And Electronics

You may have gathered from the sections above that not all locksmiths are capable of working with electronic security systems like surveillance cameras, access control systems, and advanced intrusion alarms. This isn’t precisely the case; most locksmiths have at least a passing familiarity with the high-tech end of the security business. The reason you might hesitate to call on a locksmith to handle a cutting-edge security system is that other professionals might handle it better.

Advanced security systems are verging onto the territory of home automation. If you’re looking for integrated, wireless, online security setups, you may want to talk to a home automation contractor or a security company rather than a locksmith. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need an emergency locksmith; someone still has to keep your doors secure. Consider making your locksmith part of a larger security team if you plan on going high tech with your security.

This basic overview should hopefully give you an accurate picture of just what services you can get from different locksmiths. Whenever you have security issues, take a little time to define your needs and then match them up with the sort of locksmith who’s most likely to be able to help. You’ll enjoy a higher level of service and more satisfactory results.