With regards to starting out with anything, practice makes perfect. What’s more, with practice come trials and errors. A wise person once said, “You must learn from your mistakes.” But, fortunate for you, we have put together a list of few common beginner painting mishaps so you can realize what not to do, without really having the most difficult way. Moreover you can also learn from art in Dubai online classes to avoid the mistakes. 

Platte pains: Also known as setting up your palette a similar way every time. This can lead you down a path of color chaos. Continually taking a look at your palette for a particular shade, or accidently dipping your brush in the wrong color can put a damper on your painting progress. Laying out your palette reliably permits you to work quicker and focus on your painting, not the paint.

Get hot in here: Also known as storing art materials in a warm area. With regards to storage, keep finished work, works in progress and your materials in a cool, dry area away from light. It is also advisable to store your work in a relatively dust free space. Particles can adhere to wet paint and ruin the texture of your surface.

Forget about prime tone: Working on an unprimed canvas is certainly possible, yet nothing prevents the paint from splashing through the surface and deteriorating the canvas. Prepared canvas allows artists to skip the process of mixing and applying the measuring and ground, which many beginner artists prefer. However, unprimed canvas is more affordable. Furthermore, frequent painters find it beneficial to figure out how to apply their own priming, because it reduces expenses and empowers them to make a texture specific to their painting needs.

Save your painting material: Also known as wasting paint. You can find ways to save your materials for practically any medium. Oil painting palettes, for instance, can be stored in the freezer, which expands their life span. For watercolors, try a palette with a lid. When the unused paint on the palette dries, it very well may be stored effectively and securely. When you’re ready to paint again, simply add water.

Don’t be a stranger: Art supply manufacturers want your business. And as a result, huge of manufacturers will offer free test sizes of materials online and even at some stores.