Is your kid 3 years old or going to celebrate his or her 3rd birthday shortly? Well in both cases, this is an ideal time to admit them in a well-known nursery. Nursery is basically an initial step towards the formal school life and it plays an important role in letting your kid adapt all the basic things like learning, communicating and most importantly spending their time between unknown people without their parents. Well, the latter thing proves to be quite challenging for the parents as well as the teachers as some kids consume a lot of time to familiarize and adapt themselves with this quality.

Dubai is full of best nurseries which are not only equipped with the best teaching equipment and the most professional teachers but they also know the best strategies to help your kid in everything. Nursery Marina Dubai and nursery in JBR Dubai are among the best options to go with. Read the following article to know about the benefits of admitting your child in a nursery.

Encourage playtime

Well, we all know that kids love playing and they don’t want any dictation or instruction at this early age, right? This is what a nursery setup understands and it encourages playtime to let the kids feel free and grow independently without any restrictions. The nursery staff even play with the kids to build confidence and social skills among them. This is so, because they will learn to play and enjoy together which will help them in familiarizing themselves with each other and they will learn to make new friends.

Develop literacy and math skills

This does not mean that the kid will be given a pencil and copy to solve the addition sums or write the whole ABC, not at all! But in fact the nursery teachers will conduct different fun activities in which your kids will indirectly learn all the initial skills about literacy and math so that they could have good command on them in future.

Facilitates the parents

Well, nursery is not about just benefiting the kids, in fact it is quite beneficial for the parents as well. You must be wondering how, right? Well, this is so because when you admit your child in a nursery then it will give you a state of relief that your kid is under professional supervision and it is benefiting your kid in every way. On the same side if you are a working mother or father then admitting your kid in the nursery would be a great choice so that you could pursue your future along.