Brake pad replacement in Dubai is typically performed by your local brake repair shop after your old brake is worn out and unable to perform its brake function anymore. Brake pad replacements also serve as preventive maintenance for your brakes. This type of brake repair can easily be done by yourself at home without any help from your mechanic. It involves cleaning, removal, and replacing the old brake pads with the new ones. This process may vary from one repair shop to another.

Brake pad replacements are quite a popular service for brake systems on four-wheel-drive vehicles. There are basically two types of brake pads available in the market: the mechanical brake pads and the plastic frictionless brake pads. The former is made from hardened rubber and fits on the brake calipers. The latter is made from plastic and has no effect on the braking system. However, this type is more expensive than the former.

In this article, we will discuss changing brake pads on four-wheel-drive cars and best wheel alignment in Dubai. In this method, you must follow some basic steps which are described below.

1.    The first step includes the cleaning of the brake system. The second step includes removing and replacing the damaged brake pads.

2.    In this method, the first step is to locate the brake pedal axle and lever.

3.    You may need to use a screwdriver to remove it from its existing condition. If you have bought a car with a steel brake pedal axle, you may need to unscrew it before replacing the brake pads.

4.    For steel brake pads, you may need to use a flat-tipped hammer to loosen the bolts.

5.    Once the old pads have been removed, you may need to install the new ones in their corresponding positions.

6.    The method for installing new pads is identical as that of changing brake pads in a car with aluminium brake pedal axle.

7.    The new callipers will be installed in the same way. In case you need to change the brake light, you will need to pull out the bulb first.