The battery is the integral component of a vehicle as it helps to run all electrical parts in the car, including the engine and other components of the car. When you change or replace the battery, it gives a new life vehicle and increases the lifespan of the engine.

Quality batteries come with multiple features that can benefit your vehicle in many ways. These batteries have better charging facilities and work long-lasting. However, the life of batteries depends on many factors like weather conditions, type of vehicle, and quality of the car battery. But most experts recommend that you should change the car battery after every four years. Here are key signs that indicate when to replace the car battery.

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The engine is starting slowly:

Over time battery components wear out, and it impacts their performance. When this thing happens, your car engine takes time to start. This condition shows that you will need to change or replace the battery. Moreover, it also affects the charging of the car battery, and you might face discharge of the battery instantly. If you are traveling to another city, this situation may create a hazard for you on the road.

Electrical issues or dim light:

The battery power is essential for all electrical components of a vehicle like radio, lights, engine, and dashboard computer. If the battery is not working nicely, it affects the performance of all electrical parts in the car. Your car lights get dim; the radio doesn’t work, the dashboard computer stop working, and many electrical issues you have to face.

Bad smell in battery:

Sometimes, due to leakage of gas or internal short in battery cause bad smell. If you are experiencing such a smell continuously, you should inspect the car battery from the mechanic. If it is easy to fix the problems, it is a good sign for you.

Corroded connectors:

If you find ashy or white substance on the particular parts of the battery that means your battery has a corrosion problem. Corroded connectors are top parts of a battery that have positive and negative metal connections. If these connections have such issues, you might face voltage issues while starting a car.

Old battery:

If you didn’t replace your car battery for many years, make sure to replace the old battery quickly as it can create severe engine issues.

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