If you are stressing about some event which requires live sound system then you must be right, because dealing with such situations is not easy. Live system requires proper aid from audio visual companies in UAE who are great in their work and can give you some helpful guide as well. Here we have got a list of all those things which you will have to take care of while dealing with sound system supplier in Dubai so that you don’t forget about anything at the last moment.

  • First of all, make sure that you have all the equipment available which includes:
    • Microphones
    • Cables
    • Singer stand, speaker stand, vocal stand
    • Instrumental cables if any used
    • Speakers along with its cables and stand
    • Monitors and cables
    • Cables which can connect different devices such as iPad, iPhone, CD players and other mixers
  • Performing live can surely be a hard task and this is why we always suggest spending as much as your budget allows on sound system because this would be the centre of attention and if you fail in providing the audience the one thing which they are here for then you are not doing it right.

Here is a bit of information pertaining to the ways in which you can boost up the performance by keeping these minor things in mind:

  • First of all you need to keep the volume in check. There is not right number which would work in every situation and this is why audience’s reaction will be the best way to judge.
  • There are different people who manage the sound quality differently. If you are one of the experienced individuals then maintaining quality even on a bad mixer would not be a challenge for you. But still make sure that you are prepared for everything.

One pro tip which will help you get through these life events is walking out in front of the speakers and checking what kind of sound is actually coming out of them. Be one of the audiences and see what they will be facing and then you will be able to decide accordingly. If you walking out front is not possible then you can always ask someone to do this tiny little job for you by sharing their honest feedback on the sound.