There’s an ancient Chinese who said good pleasure. For the majority of Chinese, dinner is the main meal of the day. After a day of school/work, a family sit down together and have a nice meal. This is the most gorgeous time. Every special feast, such as families or relatives, holidays and weddings, is also held as a banquet.

Daily meals are normally made by meat dishes and vegetables in Chinese traditional homemade meals, Jia Chang Bian Fan. Soup may be eaten or not. In the north of China, the diet is dependent on wheat goods and steamed buns, like noodles. Yet rice is the main staple in southern China.

For families and relatives, Chinese people enjoy hosting dinner at home. Indeed, in the private kitchen the most delicious food is also found. There are also drawbacks of dinner at home than dinner at the restaurant. It relaxes the host and its visitors, and the meal offers more fun.

Home-made traditional dishes:

  1. Tomatoes fried eggs
    1. Stir-fried Broccoli Braised Tofu
    1. Egg-fried rice
    1. Frozen potato Frozen
    1. Cod stuffed
    1. Chicken fried potato
    1. Chicken wings braised
    1. Green pepper grilled meat
    1. Fried broth with vegetables or plants
    1. Bitter gourd stuffed

A feast typically takes place in China between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Dinner starts with a few appetizers to evoke the hunger of visitors. Common ones are shredded bagpipe, tofu meat, cucumber smacked, sweet dates, spicy chicken feet, and pickles. Big meals of assorted communal meats and vegetables are the principal part of the dinner. Small bowls of rice are served.

VS Western dinner from China

Unlike Western dinners where individual dishes at the beginning of the meal are customarily served in a Chinese meal, each dinner has its own rice bowl with a cup of chopsticks and a few chopsticks, and food is served on common meals shared by everyone sitting at the table. For hygienic reasons, common chopsticks and spoons are available. Unlike the western tradition of ice cold drinks, warm tea is served. Milk, pasta, butter, or cheese are not served for dinner at a Chinese meal except when you need it.

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