There are different kinds of stacker truck available in the market and people are getting them according to their need. There is no need to get only a single kind of stacker but you can take two of different kinds and then you can easily compare them to know which will be best for you. You can go to the electric stacker supplier in UAE and see what they are offering and you have to make sure that this stacker will be used with the help of wire rope bought from the steel wire rope suppliers in Dubai. Here is the information about few different kinds of stackers for your ease:

Electric pallet: They are of different kinds and should be getting after making sure about the type of items you want them to lift and weight you want them to carry. You need to ask from the supplier about different varieties in that and they will tell you the features about what kind of batteries are there in them and how much weight they can carry. Some of the electric stackers will lift up to 1600 kgs and some lift less than that so you need to see what will be best for you and as far as then height is concerned you can load items of maximum 5 meters. The more strength they have the more expensive they will be so you have to be careful in deciding what you need to buy.

Walkie: They are the stalkers that are used manually and the employees will use them while pushing them with their hands or with they have to walk alongside. These will carry less amount of supplies on them as they do not manufactured to carry a lot of load on them but they are very dangerous as if employees put a lot of items on that and then it will drop down then the employee’s life will be at risk. They are very time consuming too because they are slow as humans have to go with them and also they will take less load which means they have to take more rounds to take items from one area to the other as compared to the electric stalker that will carry twice or thrice the load and take half the time in transporting from here to there.