Fingerprint attendance systems or door access control system in Dubai have been used for decades now, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using them too. But are they really necessary to keep our employees safe from crime? Many people might think that they are, but there are far more benefits than this. You might even find that not only are the benefits better than paper badges but they are cheaper too. So, why you should install a fingerprint attendance system in your workplace? Here are some of the top reasons why you should:

Increase Security – If your employees can simply swipe their fingerprints in the machine and gain access to all the secured areas then you are going to greatly reduce the risk of anyone trying to break into your building. This would mean that you would be taking any criminals away from your premises instead of letting them roam around freely. This would be very beneficial to your business as well. 

Save Time – Having these systems installed can save you time. If you were to have everyone filling out their details every single time they came into work, then you would have a very hard time keeping track of them. This would be extremely problematic when it comes to productivity. But if you have employees that are using biometric scanners, then you can scan their fingerprints and store the data on the system. 

Reduce Fraud – Imagine how much fraud there would be at your company if you didn’t have any type of fingerprint attendance system in place. For example, if you have employees that do nannies or care for other employees’ children, then you wouldn’t want them to be taking care of any children that are not who they say they are. So you would have to check that they had the proper documents to prove that they were indeed doing that job. The employees that take care of the nannies or the kids would also be tempted to steal from the establishment because their fingerprints would let you know that they are in the area. 

Protect Your Employees – Using a fingerprint attendance system in UAE can protect your employees as well. If an employee is terminated then their record will show that they signed in using their fingerprint. This means that should something happen where an employee tries to lie about their attendance or even goes to a new job; then the record will prove that they were there.