How often sleep is needed to rest? Shoot the people around you this question and you’ll definitely hear you answer ‘eight hours’ Is “eight hours” the perfect time to sleep and be busy and productive?

You don’t have to be. Anything influences our sleep time, such as age, fitness, fear, bedding. Here’s a decline in the age of sleep, as the National Sleep Foundation recommended.

Sleep is reversely proportional to the age in compliance with the recommendations. However, the older you get, fewer than 7 hours of sleeper you can safely go to.

As an adult, you have to sleep seven-to-nine hours a day, and struggle to slip into a serious debt to sleep. Sleep periods will amount over time to big sleep debt even a few minutes short of the minimum.

You can find that by sleeping over weekends you can get over the sleep debt. But it doesn’t work like that. This pattern will destroy your biological cycle or clock. You will soon have some health issues such as weight gain, high blood pressure and heart failure.

How are you going to know you get ample sleep?

Here are a few ways to check whether you get the amount of sleep every day:

Note how easily you sleep: preferably, less than 20 minutes are needed to sleep once you reach the pillow. If you do not, you can be confident that your sleep interferes with things such as caffeine, stress, and food. The mattress you sleep on is another aspect that is easily overlooked.

Check if the mattress suits the anatomy and sleep location. If you find it awkward, swap it with a new one. Read our post on choosing your own mattress. Click and browse for our collection’s best mattress online.

The wake up fight: If the morning alarm is your routine, please check if you can wake up without feeling tired. When your body longs to sleep again, it wants to say that you are private and that you can refund the debt in your sleep.

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