There are some responsibilities of immigration agents in Delhi that are as follows.

  1. Should be updated regarding the laws of immigration
  2. Give the client relevant documents
  3. Helping clients so they can complete your application
  4. Checking whether the documents are authentic or not
  5. They have to make sure that the documents are presented within time

In order to become an immigration consultant, there are some requirements that are as follows.

  1. Certificate from high school
  2. Experience in the field of immigration consultancy
  3. Very good communication skills
  4. Can work under stress and tension
  5. Can work with a group of people
  6. Can focus on details
  7. Can support the clients that are tensed
  8. Can give solutions to problems relevant to immigration

Life of immigrants is not easy as it might seem to you. If you know someone who has migrated then you might have an idea about the issues they face. However, if you don’t know such people, then we will tell you the issues faced by the immigrants.

Language: Of course, this is the most significant and top issue that the immigrants face. Obviously, many people just speak their official language and they never concentrate on learning a new language even if they are migrating. This makes it very difficult for them to communicate when they migrate. They cannot go to shopping, use transport services, etc. due to the language barrier.

Target: Migrating can be issue because you become a target. People will target you on the basis of your religion, cast, color, race etc. All these make it very difficult for a person to adjust in a new country. Also, the person cannot be peaceful and calm because of the way he gets treated in a country he migrated. Some people who are strong fight for themselves but some who are timid easily becomes a target and because of that they lose their peace.

Jobs: Although, many people migrate to other countries thinking that they would get a good job immediately. However, in some cases this doesn’t happen. People who migrate either have to start from scratch or do jobs that are of not much importance. Since, they are not used to doing such jobs, they find these tasks difficult and in some situations people go back to their own countries.